- 2000 Diploma in Biology at the Novosibirsk State University, Russia.

- (2001 - 2006) PhD thesis in the lab of Einar Hallberg (Karolinska Institure, Sweden). Mitotic dynamics of the nuclear envelope in higher eukaryotes.

- (2007 - 2013) Postdoc in the lab of Karsten Weis (University of California at Berkeley, USA). Genetic and biochemical analysis of Nuclear Pore Complexes assembly in budding yeast.

- (2014 - 2019) Research Associate in the lab of Karsten Weis (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland). Development of mass-spectrometry based techniques to analyse time-evolution of protein complexes.

- since 2019 research group leader and Associate Professor at the Department for Biological Sciences at the University of Bergen. The group studies dynamics of cellular protein complexes, with a specific focus on the nuclear pore complex assembly and function of the proteostasis network.

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