Onishchenko lab
Dynamics of cellular proteome
Each cell must keep millions of protein molecules properly functional and avoid accumulating damaged proteins. Our group uses tools ranging from genetics to quantitative mass spectrometry and mathematical modelling to understand how cells maintain functionality of their proteomes.

Focus areas:
  • analysis of protein interactions
  • methods to analyse temporal changes in multi-protein complexes
  • investigating dynamics of the proteostasis network
  • analysis of nuclear pore complex biogenesis
Recent papers

Onischenko, E., Noor, E., Fischer, J., Gillet, L., Wojtynek, M., Vallotton, P., and Weis, K. (2020). Maturation Kinetics of a Multiprotein Complex Revealed by Metabolic Labeling. Cell

Vallotton, P., Rajoo, S., Wojtynek, M., Onischenko, E., Kralt, A., Derrer, C.P., and Weis, K. (2019). Mapping the native organization of the yeast nuclear pore complex using nuclear radial intensity measurements. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 116, 14606-14613.

Rajoo, S., Vallotton, P., Onischenko, E., and Weis, K. (2018). Stoichiometry and compositional plasticity of the yeast nuclear pore complex revealed by quantitative fluorescence microscopy. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 115, E3969-E3977.

Onischenko, E., Tang, J.H., Andersen, K.R., Knockenhauer, K.E., Vallotton, P., Derrer, C.P., Kralt, A., Mugler, C.F., Chan, L.Y., Schwartz, T.U., et al. (2017). Natively Unfolded FG Repeats Stabilize the Structure of the Nuclear Pore Complex. Cell 171, 904-917 e919.
Permanent staff
Associate Professor, group leader
Evgeny's main tasks include design of research projects, supervision of students and teaching. But he spends free-of-duty time working at bench to advance our knowledge of how cells make and break protein complexes.
PhD, Lab engineer
Ann Kristin helps with experiments, takes care of midnight freezer alarms, manages project students and negotiates best deals with vendors. In other words, Ann Kristin does everything except for the research project design and attracting funding.

Postdoctoral researcher position: update
Top applicants were invited for interviews

PhD position: update
We are in process of applicants selection

Master projects
within biochemistry and cell biology are currently available

Contact: Evgeny Onishchenko (evgeny.onishchenko@uib.no)

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